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Bec Brammer joins AHP for The On a regular basis Hunter series where she discusses her opinions on hunting, Ricky Gervais comments on African searching, and making her dad proud. But that modified in March 2017 when police executed a warrant on Mr Towner's business and charged him with 5 firearm offences, including possession of firearms and ammunition, and firearm dealing.

Jason and Muss talk about the Adler Shotgun, Samantha Lee on gun rights versus privileges, David Leyonhjelm in Parliament, Robert Borsaks Estimates inquiries to the NSW Parliament, and the ultimate probability to have your say at the NFA evaluate. Gun laws for not-guns are generally State based mostly as regards storage, usage and look, so some locations are extra restrictive.

Ella Valla Station owner Shane Aylmore joins AHP to debate his pastoral station in Western Australia, hunting and taking pictures on the station, and why WA Police are focusing on his facility. We look again at over 100 episodes of history at some of the Gel Blaster finest interviews in virtually 5 years of podcasting on The Australian Hunting Podcast. Sean Frazer joins AHP live for The Everyday Hunter collection to debate looking, taking pictures, his run in with the regulation, and his experience on the duck swamp with protestor Felicity Andersen.

Firearms importer Rob Nioa joins AHP to debate new merchandise coming to market, QLD gun legal guidelines, what he likes to hunt, his favorite gun, and what he thinks about shooters blaming his video for the reclassification of the Adler shotgun. Christian "Rabbit Ranger" joins AHP to debate hunting rabbits, recipes for rabbit, when to skin rabbits, tools for hunting rabbits, and why rabbits are the perfect quarry for Australian hunters.

Take pleasure in Jason, Muzz, Justin and Shaun from TSM discuss the Ammo Invoice in NSW, 50 amendments to the Firearms and Weapons Laws Amendments Act 2017, 2GB Apathetic shooter caller, and Rebecca Peters on the "spirit" of the NFA. Jason and Muzz Straight Shooting on news and current affairs, listeners voicemail and emails, Police Minister Troy Grants defence of law abiding shooters, and Robert Borsaks interview on Sky News.